Does The Chub Rub Patch come in different colors?

Yes! We currently offer our product in ivory, tan, chestnut, cocoa and espresso!

How do you remove The Chub Rub Patch?

Applying coconut oil or jumping into the shower are two ways you can remove The Chub Rub Patch.

Are these patches just for women?

Of course not! Our patches are loved and worn by everyone who experiences thigh chafing!

How do you apply The Chub Rub Patch?

The Chub Rub Patch can be applied either sitting or standing. Simply peel, stick and go!

What is inner thigh chafing?

Inner thigh chafing is a common skin irritation that can happen when your inner thighs rub against each other. Clothes that irritate your skin can also cause chafing. The friction damages your skin and causes discomfort.

You might experience inner thigh chafing from working out, walking to the store, or even sitting cross-legged. There are several ways you can treat and prevent inner thigh chafing.

Where do you ship?

Throughout North America, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Israel & the UK. We hope to expand beyond very soon!

Where can I wear my patches? 

Anywhere! Anywhere you’ve dealt with chub rub and chafing, our patches would come to the rescue!

Are your patches reusable?

We recommend one time wear, but we have worn and tested our patches for multiple days with no issues. We also include two pairs (4 patches) per package when you’re ready for a a fresh pair!

Can I wear these at the water park or beach?

YES! Our patches are waterproof & sweat proof

Is this safe for my skin?

Our patches are medical-grade 100% cotton material with a 100% poly-acrylic adhesive. They are latex-free and hypoallergenic.